INEOS - PVC Compound


Plastcom A/S has exceptionally high know-how within PVC materials. 30 years of experience with PVC compound from the INEOS factory in Helsingborg enable us to supply all forms of PVC materials and making us - with all honesty - the leading supplier of PVC solutions in Denmark.

Working closely with the R&D department at INEOS, we develop new recipes and offer our customers technical service and project development.

The product range extends from very soft, transparent medico qualities, to coloured, hard gutters, roofing sheets, window frames, fittings, pipes, soft cables, hoses, life-saving first aid equipment, connectors etc.

PVC compound is probably our most all-round and exciting material, with lots of potential for customising its properties to your exact needs.

Plastcom A/S also stocks a number of qualities, and will be happy to take part in development projects with expert input and good advice.