Sustainable plastic - Sustainability

Plastcom A/S focuses heavily on sustainable plastic - including large-scale recycling.


We work closely with several (mainly German) suppliers of a range of recycled plastic materials.

Demand is high, and we believe will be higher yet, due to the common interest in protecting the environment as much as possible.

Plastic with special eco-friendly additives and fillers also has an exciting future.


We supply a range of recycled plastics from Multiport  based on household refuse. Domestic refuse has been collected for decades in Germany. High-tech processes coupled with washing, metal separation, sorting at source and compounding yield fantastically homogenous, uniform compounds with the best mechanical properties.

Materials supplied with certificates and data sheets. Primarily HDPE and PP-based qualities.

Multiport also produces enormous amounts of recycled PET bottles, which are ideal for sheet production, packaging etc.


We can offer LD, HD, PP, PS, ABS, PC/ABS etc. blends from RSH of industrial quality.

RSH produces at 4 different sites around Germany. Each site is close to the sources that form the basis of RSH compounds.


Overall, we can offer the following material groups from our German suppliers:

Industrial qualities:                                       Post Consumer:

  • PP                                                         HDPE

  • HD                                                        PP

  • PP/HDPE mix                                        PET

  • HDPE/PP mix

  • ABS

  • HIPS

Resysta - a gift from nature!


Resysta is a natural fibre compound that combines resistance to water and weather with the properties, appearance and feel of hardwoods.

Hardwood which it's worth noting does not require maintenance, does not splinter, rot, absorb moisture, is non-slip and much more.

The material has been developed based on rice husks, crushed to a fine fibre mass and then compounded into a polymer.

The overall green account is totally unique, as the finished compound consists of the following components in practice:

  • 60% Rice husks

  • 22% Salt

  • 18% Oil

The Resysta material has won numerous design and environmental awards, and its range of uses is almost unlimited if producing products or furniture with a high finish and unbeatable outdoor properties.

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