Sustainable plastic - Sustainability

Plastcom A/S is investing heavily in sustainable plastics and recycling. The Demand is high and it is certainly growing even more as we all try to protect the environment and surroundings as much as possible.


Conversion of organic household waste to sustainable bio-based materials. UBQ is a new climate-positive material that can be used to manufacture thousands of products. It is clean, sustainable and cost effective. It is also reusable.


From Multiport we offer recycled plastic based on household waste. In Germany, household plastic has been collected for decades. High-tech processes related to washing, metal separation, source sorting and compounding provide some fantastic homogeneous and uniform compounds with optimal mechanical properties.


From RSH we can offer industrial qualities of LD, HD, PP, PS, ABS, PC / ABS blends etc.

RSH produces at 4 different sites across Germany. Facilities that are close to the sources that form the basis for RSH compounds.

Resysta - a gift from nature!

Resysta is a natural fiber compound that combines weather and water resistance with the properties, appearance and feel of precious wood. Noble wood as well as note, does not require maintenance, does not splinter, does not rot, does not absorb moisture, is non-slip and much more.