Versalis - HD, LD, LLD, VLD, EVA, PS, SAN og ABS

Plastcom A/S represents the full range of products from VERSALIS (the former Polimeri Europa).

VERSALIS is fully integrated with the oil and gas industry throughout Europe. A wide range of PE- and PS-based products are produced at factories in Italy, France, Germany and Hungary.

We stock products in the following groups at our central warehouse in Kolding:

Pharmacopeia approved product:

  • Pharmalene

PE-based products:

  • PEHD

  • PELD



  • EVA

  • PS-based products.

  • ABS

  • SAN

  • PS

  • HIPS


VERSALIS is one of the biggest European manufacturers, with 18 factory sites.

The products are highest quality and renowned throughout Europe.