Plastic Resale


Plastic Resale is an free of charge, online platform specially developed for the Nordic Plastic Industry.

The platform enables companies in the plastics industry to sell and buy slow moving stock materials.

New materials, recycled materials and production waste.

It takes just a few click to register your company on this Nordic Plastic Network.

Immediately after registration you can continue to uploade products and also contact companies who already have uploaded interesting products.

Contact between companies will be direct and without restrictions or fees.

All kind of Plastic related products can be uploaded to the Marketplace. Virgin materials, Recycled materials, colors and additives but also plastic production waste.

Everything will be easy available from the Marketplace.

Using the Marketplace is simple, quick and effective. It enables you to make significant savings and reduce stock write-downs values to a minimum.

Together with the the Plastic Industry you can contribute to the sustaniable trend by joining the Plastic Resale network.

www. is operated by Plastcom A/S, a Danish raw materials supplier since 1992. Address: Møllevej 9T 1TV, DK-2990 Nivå; CVR (Central Business Registry) number DK-20456140).